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Welcome to the Bounty Hunter's Federation.  BHF has been founded as an NFG for those sentients who have a particular set of skills, want a place where they can be put to use and the means to carry out certain tasks for the right price.

There are a few guidelines that must be strictly adhered to in order for this to work.

- Under no circumstances is anyone outside of our ranks, including your clients, to know about the Bounty Hunter's Federation for any reason.  Contracts are between you and the client.  Even though we are a loosely bound federation of hunters, all transactions are between you, personally, and the client for whom you are working.  Any reference to the Bounty Hunter's Federation is expressly forbidden.

- If you need help, call on a fellow hunter or logistics officer.  If they are able, they will help you.  If, in return, you are called upon and can be of assistance, YOU MUST ASSIST your fellow hunters.  We, after all, must be able to count on each other.

- A Hunter will never accept any contract against another hunter.  Over time, this might come up.  However, it will never happen.  Turn on your fellow hunters at your own peril.

- New member acceptance will depend on vetting applicants by using personal experience, direct interviewing and background checks.  Acceptance will also require a unanimous vote on the part of the a quorum of all available members within one week after the call to vote.

- We'll get to the rest of it as we go. I do not want a lot of rules with this group. Anything we should need to add will be passed by vote in the same manner mentioned above.


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